Seaside Cooking: 4 Boat Features For The Sailing Chef

Posted on: 30 June 2015


Sailing on the open water is a great place to relax and enjoy delicious meals. Instead of preparing everything on the mainland, plenty of boats offer features to cook meals. If you're searching for boats for sale, then there are a number of cooking features to look for. Not only are these features included in a number of different boats, but they can be upgraded to any boat that you love.

The following four cooking features can help you make all types of food safely and effectively.

Mounted Grills

The open air of the ocean gives you plenty of space to cook and grill all types of food like steak, chicken, and fish. Instead of dragging a real grill onto your boat, there are a number of ways a grill can be built right into your vessel.

A mounted grill features a sturdy pole that goes off the edge of the boat. A small propane tank and grill are attached to the pole for easy grilling on the boat. Stabilizers and grilling baskets help keep the food intact when the boat is rocking. A grill pedestal gives you location options away from the edge of the boat. The pedestal holds the grill up on the boat and can be mounted directly to the boat floor.

Ovens & Stoves

If you're shopping for a boat with a galley, then it will typically have a small stove or oven to work with. Ovens will either be securely attached to the boat or connected to a gimbal. A gimbal features a small rotating pivot point that keeps the oven level while the boat rocks. This type of technology expands your cooking options. Vegetables stay on the pan, soups stay in the pot, and you can remain safely protected while cooking on a boat.

When the boat is parked at a marina, the gimbal can be locked down so it doesn't move too much while doing regular cooking on calm waters.

Cooking Accessories

Along with a gimbal, you can purchase a boat that comes with a number of other cooking accessories to help with the preparation and safety. Pot restraints and pot holders help keep pots in place no matter how much the boat is rocking. The restraints attach directly to the stove griddle and then can wrap around the pots on a boat. These accessories also work for other stove accessories like tea kettles.

Oven and stove rails can also help you keep your balance while cooking. This is an important safety feature that can prevent spills and burns while you cook. A stable bar is typically installed right in front of the stove.

Fish Prep Station

A fishing boat is not only great for catching the big one, but you can cook it right on the boat. Instead of making a mess in the galley, you can purchase a boat with a built-in fish preparation station.

These stations are flat areas that are attached directly to the side of the boat. Not only do they feature plenty of room to cut and slice a fish, but they often have extra accessories like a rod holder, or small compartments to place seasoning. Utensil holders are often featured on these stations. This helps you prevent knives or forks from sliding off the station when the boat moves or rocks.

Leveling features on the fish preparation tables can keep a fish stabilized while you prepare it. Different table lengths are available, it all depends on the size of the fish that you try to catch.

When looking for boats for sale, communicate your ideal cooking situation to the dealer so they can find you a boat that accommodates your needs. Upgrades or extra features can easily be installed before the boat is delivered to your marina of choice.